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Selling with SJ Made

This Sunday, as part of SJ Made, I will be selling my Forge Your Own t-shirts (and some other prints of my sloths and ink drawings) at the Viva Calle SJ event at Arena Green Park (340 W. St. John St.)

There will be free yoga from Live Lotus at noon, bike repair from San Jose Bicycles, live music and more. Last year tens of thousands of people participated and took advantage of several streets being blocked off to traffic so they could roam the streets with their families on bikes and boards and feet. Will you join in the festivities this year?

The shirts are designed and printed here in San Jose so it's just about as local as you can get. Get them while I still have them in stock!

Red and Charcoal shirts will be available with the "forge your own" mountain design on them.

Red and Charcoal shirts will be available with the "forge your own" mountain design on them.

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Another Sloth for the Road

I've been on a roll lately with the sloth paintings for Silicon Valley Open Studios next month. Some are more fun than others just because of the addorability factor and I would say that this is one of them.  

He is missing the earring in this iPhone image, but it is there in person now.  


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Another New for the New Year

I've done it.

As in, I've decided to participate in open studios this year. Well, the Silicon Valley Open Studios I think it officially known as.

My weekend is May 6-7, so if you need something to do...or a last minute Mother's Day gift, you can find me HERE.

I have several works from the past two years to display/sell, and I'm in the midst of several new drawings to have available. One little teaser - which you can see on the SVOS site is...

That funky giraffe is fun and ready to walk out the studio door with you to a new home. What do you say?

If you want to follow along on the new art making journey I'll post more here, so stay tuned, but a more up to date version can be seen on Instagram: @misterthad