So making art increases resilience, reduces stress, and increases brain activity.

That sounds like as good a note as any for the first blog post on this new-ish site.


As an artist and educator these things seem so obvious to me, but I know so many even in the field of education that wouldn't even think about it this way.

What with all the "You need to take another AP class" and the "You won't get a job without STEM classes" chatter that does nothing but increase every year.


I know that emotionally and psychologically you benefit from creating something and thinking about something from a different perspective. It also helps to struggle with something and be forced to have a "do-over" and to work on a project that takes a significant amount of time to complete. These things are all good.

I mean, being able to "undo" something is a lifesaver (and by life I mean time), but the thinking and process and time involved in the physical going over something or remaking of a thing is so valuable.

Anyway, I just saw this great article (that has plenty of science and research to back it up) that Gabe Bergado wrote on .Mic titled Science Shows Art Can Do Incredible Things for Your Mind and Body