Thoughts About A Process

I picked up two more boxes of blank t-shirts to get printed with new designs yesterday, and stole a few minutes here and there throughout my morning to work on finalizing one of the new designs. 

It was frustrating and slow, and something I should have completed several months ago. Well, a few months ago is when I conceptualized the idea anyway. An idea that had been languishing in my sketchbook. You can see the ideation process and the partial pile of the process below. 



What will be the final design doesn't deviate much from the original idea, which I appreciate, but to get even from the point of a full size finished pencil line drawing to an inked version wasn't flawless. Though I guess it wouldn't be nearly as fun if "flawless" was part of the equation.  

The lines! What a difficult thing sometimes. I wanted consistency and chose my tools carefully, but still had to have more than one redo. I usually don't mind this, and to be sure I want the line work to look hand drawn. Just not too hand drawn. With a design that didn't have the benefit of color, value, or really even any shapes, there wasn't  the luxury of "hiding" any imperfections.  

First some segments of the mountains were too thick, then one of the cross bars of the text got too jagged. When I attempted a fix of the latter the whole letter was just off - and by too much to allow the entire word to work. 

Back to the drawing board. Literally.  


Now, I'm not trying to come across as whining about this, though I did feel the frustration over what I thought would be a straightforward task, but it does illustrate a point.  

If it was easy everybody would be doing it. And really, I'm just getting started.  


There is scanning and cleaning up to do; there is getting the digital file to the printer; there is delivering the blank shirts (which includes having to decide on colors for them) ; there is figuring out which colors of ink to use on which shirts; there is photographing them for website and documentation purposes (which still hasn't been completed from the first order of shirts I had printed three months ago). 


So...process. It's all about the process. It has to be. If it isn't you're bound for disappointment alley.  

What happens next? Take a breath, relax and take it one step at a time.  

So that's the update. I'm excited, and excited to share what is coming next - even if I'm not absolutely sure of what those next steps will be.